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Marco's Story

November 08, 2023

The Jones Veterinary Hospital team was honored to work with Timothy Breen Combes to get his dog, Marco, to him overseas.

Marco is a Multi-Purpose Canine who specialized in explosive detection and high-value target interdiction. He did 8 deployments to Afghanistan and 1 to Syria with the First Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment (1/75) based out of Hunter Army Airfield Savannah, GA. His first 5 deployments were with his original handler SFC Ostrander. The last three were with Retired SSG Breen Combes. On their final mission 23 July 2018 Kapisa Province AFG their Quick Reaction Force was ambushed in a resupply effort for our assault force being engaged by small arms fire, grenades, and an RPG which blew them from their fighting position. Due to brain damage, Combes could no longer lead men in the fight and Marco had given all that he had. The 75th Ranger Regiment adopted Marco out to him as he was medically retired following the mission.

Combes's background includes 6 deployments to AFG 1 to Syria. 8 years as an 11B infantryman at 1st batt 75th Ranger Regiment. 2 years at 75th Ranger Regiment headquarters as Regiment Kennel Master while recovering from wounds and out processing to medically retire in 2020.

He is currently working in the Middle East to support our allies and help continue the fight.

"Jones Vet helped facilitate all of the USDA paperwork and bloodwork and went above and beyond to help get Marco over to me in the UAE at an extreme discount as I had to get over here quickly. Luckily I had my fellow dog handler and brother Trent MacDonald to take Marco back and forth to Jones Vet and together they got it all done. Marco is turning 12 in a month and I am forever grateful that I can have him by my side again and allow him to enjoy his life as he has given so much as well as the other Ranger K9s."

This is Marco and Mr. Breen Combes' story.